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Hey, I hope you familiar with It is a website that aggregates daily deals from a variety of online retailers. The website was created by Md Samiul Haque, a tech entrepreneur from Bangladesh. allows users to search for deals by product category, retailer, or price. The website also features a blog with articles about the latest deals and tips on how to save money online. The website has been featured in a number of media outlets, including the Daily Star and the Dhaka Tribune. It has also been praised by tech bloggers for its user-friendly interface and its wide selection of deals. However, the website has also been criticized for its lack of transparency. Some users have complained that the website does not disclose how it makes money, and that some of the deals on the website are not actually as good as they seem. Overall, is a useful resource for finding daily deals from a variety of online retailers. However, users should be aware of the potential risks before using the website. Here are some of the pros and cons of Pros: User-friendly interface Wide selection of deals Easy to search Updated daily
Cons: Lack of transparency Some deals may not be as good as they seem Some users have reported problems with the website If you are looking for a website to find daily deals, is a good option. However, be sure to do your research before making any purchases. Here all social link on Chairman's profile .

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Todaysdeals is an online-based open knowledge-sharing platform where everyone is free to gain knowledge and share their own knowledge by writing content and post. Visitors are able to give their opinion about any contents & ask any question in the comment section. They can apply to be an author to create contents. They also can buy products from our shop.

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Our target is to make the internet a more open place and we want to give chance to peoples to share their knowledge using our website. Todaysdeals believes that knowledge is only for sharing so if anyone knows something and wants to share will be always welcome to Todaysdeals family. And if anyone wants to enrich knowledge also always welcome to our website.


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I am MD SAMIUL HAQUE .I am  the founder and owner of Todaysdeals website and Samiul IT TecH, a YouTube channel and a Facebook page a Instagram and all social media  that focus on providing tutorials, free Affiliated CPA Marketing , reviews, and tips on a variety of topics related to technology .

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